WINGNUT (noun) A person appearing to be moderately to severely crazy, disoriented, majobling, jumbled and more often than not, a total mess. A wingnut is a constant source of entertainment to those surrounding it.

To nominate a local wingnut:
Copy the link of the nominee’s most shocking tweet this week and e-mail it to us at wingnutmn@gmail.com

The honor will be awarded every Friday.


    Week Two’s Wingnuts

    Gonna have to say it: you guys were lame this week.

    We’ll chalk it up to you all freaking out on the Star Tribune’s comment feed instead of displaying your usual crazy on Twitter as we like it. If we were to hand out awards for nut jobs who comment on that site, we’d have to quit our jobs or start hiring Wing-terns. But once you know our identity, we’d have to kill you and we’d hate to stifle the future of the first world that way.

    Also, we’d like to comment about how a lot of you apparently are on the job market. And we noticed a lot of you have jobs. Those who don’t use their full names or list their job in their title, well it only took the folks at Wingnut three simple searches in the Googlesphere to find your true identity and your employer. We thought of making an example of your for this week’s post, but we’ll just write this paragraph as a warning.

    Remember that 45% of employers use Facebook & Twitter to screen their candidates. And tip number five is “DON’T mention your job search if you’re still employed.” on Facebook and Twitter.

    Now for our runner-ups:

    Our Runner-Up #3:


    For anyone who hasn’t heard of this (have you heard of the internet?), learn more about Vajazzling.

    Our Runner-Up #2:


    If only everything in life could be as out-of-context as this.

    Our First Runner-Up:


    We’re very interested to find out what kind of charitable alignment Toms would have for this product.

    And our Wingnut of the Week is:


    Just for having the balls to incite @justjudyblog. @Wingnutmn is proud to announce that we’re afraid to do the same.

    Thanks folks! Keep in mind that these are based on nominations and to make it more awesome, we need your support!

    — 4 years ago
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    Our First Wingnuts!

    We’d like to thank everyone for their support and interest and especially LOL/OMG! for blogging about us.

    We hate to start a precedent with a precedent, but the craziest tweet we saw this week involved two persons (a couple of wingnuts, you may say). In the future, we will have one Wingnut Award and three runner-ups, but these were way too hard to resist. We would also like to give recognition to one of our runner-ups who received a whopping total of seven nominations, for seven different tweets.

    Our Runner-Up #2:


    Um what? No, we don’t and why?

    Our Runner-Up #1:


    We’re completely out-of-context and loving it.

    And drum roll please…

    Miss Wingnut:


    and her fella, Mr. Wingnut:


    We have no comment as none are necessary. But you’re sure allowed to! Use the hashtag #wingnutmn to congratulate our winners, debate our choices and let us know how to make it better.

    — 4 years ago
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